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I’ve never been much of a Mac guy until today.  I swapped out my wife’s defective iPod Touch at the Apple store today since the touch screen would intermittently stop functioning.  I walked in and played with the iPad, some laptops, and some desktop models.  Afterward, I approached the counter where a guy checked me into the queue with his iPad.  I played around with an iPad for maybe three minutes before the guy called me back.

apple-ipad-tablet-ebook-420x0 The tech looked at the iPod, deemed it non-functional, and went tot he back of the store.  I figured he would fill out some paperwork, send the iPod off, and call me back (if I was lucky) when the replacement arrived.  I barely had time to text my wife that they were replacing her unit when the guy came back, had me sign and initial a form.   Then he handed me her new iPod Touch and kindly sent me on my way.

I was more than a little boggled.  I spent about a decade in tech support before this and speedy service like that is almost nonexistent.  I came home, set up the new iPod, and told the wife that I wanted to get some Macs at the next upgrade phase.  I am already getting an iPad when I finish my Bachelor’s degree (and aquire the teaching job that will hopefully stem from it), so it’s not much of a stretch.

imovie_main Still, I have been a die-hard Windows guy all my life.  This semester my work has been highly tech-dependent and Windows has let me down far too many times to count.  Windows Movie Maker alone has caused me more grief than I can take.  I played with iMovie today and almost wept bitterly for want of its shiny goodness.  God in heaven, it is slick.

So, I may need to get together some money and pick up a small mini lappy soon.  I just don’t know.  I have hardly been in possession of my current mini lappy a year.  It’s not quite time to upgrade yet.  Alas, it’s not even close to time.  My inner Veruca is in full-on whine mode, though.


“I want it now!!!”