I’m more than a bird.
I’m more than a plane.
More than some pretty face beside a train.

“Superman (It’s Not Easy)” – Five for Fighting

What I am is a writer of absolutely no note.  I have made little more than a thin dime off the written word other than a scant few articles written for my campus newspaper.  My lack of monetary success is more from a lack of attempts at selling my work than for any rejection slips from editors, though I am sure some are in my future when as I embark on this endeavor.

I have one completed 65k novel, which I am currently renovating into a more spacious 75k work.  I also have half a first novel in a series in the works and several completed short stories.  I want to add more to my body of work before I venture any further into the vast and forbidding waters of publication.

This blog is the chronicle of my life as a writer taking his baby steps into the publishing world.  I am in no hurry to attain financial freedom, prefering to make my work as good as it can be before setting out on this voyage.  Still, I don’t want to stay tied up to the dock forever.  I am all about letting today take care of itself, as tomorrow has enough troubles all its own.  I hope to enjoy the journey so that I can look back on all this with fondness.

If not, I can always use this blog as a warning for future generations.