After the Cold of Doom, I had the Lingering Crud of Doom.  Between school, family, and a horrible fatigue that set in after the cold, I had nothing left for any creative endeavors.  The last week I have been back to watching what I eat, taking my thyroid meds on a regular basis, and have started a regimen of vitamins that have me feeling better today.  Cowboy Mouth’s Rock & Roll Mardi Gras concert that my son and I went to on Saturday night only helped my flagging spirits.  Cowboy Mouth is almost always an excellent cure for whatever ails me.

In addition to the upturn in my general health, I met with my academic advisor and found that I have a couple classes that I can bypass altogether.  This puts me a bit closer to graduation than I thought I was.  I have also started planning my post-graduate studies.  I have three schools that I am seriously considering for my MA and PhD studies.  I just need to do more research on the various programs and speak with the various reps from the institutions in question before I make a final decision.

One of the nice things is that most of the MA in Creative Writing programs I have looked into require 100 pages of fiction to graduate.  I already have that much and more.  As the man once said, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Anyway, I have class tomorrow.  That means no writing until I get home.  We shall see what tomorrow brings.


“Write without pay until somebody offers to pay”

~ Mark Twain


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